To assist in developing, generating and promoting awareness of orchestral music in greater Cape Town and surrounding areas in the Western Cape especially to the previously disadvantaged communities such that access to the participation in performances is ensured for all communities;• To raise funds to assist existing or potential orchestral players with specific emphasis on fostering the playing of classical music among the previously disadvantaged communities;

To support, through financial contributions and scholarships, deserving students especially from previously disadvantaged communities to further their musical and instrumental studies with a view to pursuing a professional orchestral career.

No profits or gains will accrue to any person and the funds of the Friends will be utilised solely for the above objectives.


Roderick Stevens
Roderick StevensChair Person
Isabelle Franzen
Isabelle FranzenVice Chair Person
Stephen Russo
Stephen RussoTreasurer
Nick Winearls
Nick WinearlsSecretary
Ruth Allen
Ruth AllenCommittee Member
Johann Gerber
Johann GerberCommittee Member
Louise Howlett
Louise HowlettCommittee Member
Kai Howie
Kai HowieCommittee Member
Dave van Reenen
Dave van ReenenCommittee Member
Rian Viviers
Rian ViviersCommittee Member