Dear Friends,

I am writing to tell you some excellent news! After months of really intensive efforts by FOM, and specifically Isabelle Franzen, we have at last obtained Non-profit Organisation status! This step is a prerequisite for now proceeding with the application for tax-exempt status from SARS for our organisation. The granting of such status to FOM is no foregone conclusion but we will continue unabatedly with our attempts to make this happen. Many of you have been very generous and have continued throughout the year to donate additional financial amounts to FOM over and above the normal membership fees. We are of course very grateful for this sustained generosity and have been very disappointed that we have not been able to pass on to our members the benefits of tax-exempt status. Hopefully we will succeed in the not too distant future.

May I also make use of this opportunity of thanking the large number of members who have renewed their subscriptions for 2017 for the reasons set out in my previous newsletter. For those members who have not yet done so, please bear in mind that FOM will be submitting a list of its paid-up members to Dial-a-Seat on 7 November to enable it to update its data-list in time for the opening of subscriptions, on 14 November 2016, for the Summer Series of the CPO that commences in January 2017. It would be appreciated if members could renew their subscriptions by 4 November 2016 in order that FOM can update the list that is to be provided to Dial-a-Seat. Unfortunately, updated lists will only be provided to Dial-a-Seat on a monthly basis thereafter and with the new practice of opening booking for all classes of seats on the day that booking opens – although reserving existing seats for a period of three weeks after booking opens – members run the risk of losing their preferred seats if you do not renew your membership in time.

Members are also reminded that the new membership cards that were issued at the beginning of 2016 are scheduled to run for a five-year period, with stickers being provided for each renewal in successive years. Replacement cards will be provided to members at a fee of R25.

Please also remember the Gala Concert with Howard Shelley that will take place on 3 November 2016 in the City Hall. Booking has been brisk and members run the risk of not being able to obtain seats if you do not book in time. Please also note that the dress rehearsal for the concert will not be open.

Kind regards,
CHAIRMAN: Friends of Orchestral Music (Cape Town)