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“FOM has commenced with a drive to secure old instruments which it then has restored and provide them to underprivileged students to pursue their music studies. To date FOM has secured, and have had restored, three violins which have been presented to the Cape Town Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. A number of recorders have also been pledged. FOM is also delighted to thank Marina Richards for donating a piano to it. Following an assessment, the instrument has undergone a full restoration by Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos and FOM will be donating it to Bloekombos, a school with an active music curriculum that has up to now not had the privilege of having a piano and has had to make do with an electronic keyboard. We trust that the piano will make a difference to their lives and inspire them to even greater things.

If readers have instruments that are lying forgotten and un-played somewhere, please consider donating it to FOM. We will have the instruments assessed and restored and will then present it either to deserving individuals or institutions who would be able to make good use of the instruments. Even if you think that your instrument (including pianos) is no longer playable, let us have it and we will see to it that it is again put to its originally intended use, i.e. to be played. Please contact any member of the Committee if you are able to help”.

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